軟 密 封 閘 閥  (帶開關指示)                           


* 多款呎吋,以供選擇
Range of gate valve from DN50 up to DN150

* 閘閥壓蓋上配以特製的指針及底座,使工程人員容易得知閘閥的開關狀態
The tailor-made base and pointer which are installed on the gland, engineer can know the shut-off status of the gate valve easily

* 透過使用鋼線及底座的坑槽位置,閘閥的預設開關程度可上鎖固定,避免非法改動
Using the wire and the pit on the base, the designed shut-off status can be fixed, in order to stop any unauthorized change

* 產品閥體以球鐵鑄造,軸芯為不銹鋼材質。所有球鐵材質均附有英國 WRAS認証的塗層,確保水質量可供人飲用
Body is made from Ductile Iron and the stem is made from Stainless Steel. All iron parts (body, bonnet etc.) are completely protected from rusting and corrosion both internally and externally by WRAS approved non-toxic epoxy coating

* 產品設計與嚴選的材質確保產品運作穩定及耐用
Design and the materials selected give high strength for operation, and corrosion resistance for long life

水 紙 編 號 : B20170184
到 期 日 : 31 July,2020
WRAS 認証號碼 : 1512073